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Born to Care for Others

Daytona Beach, Volusia County, Home Instead Senior Care is proud to announce that the December 2015 CAREGiver of the Month is: Malissa Svahn.  Malissa has worked at Home Instead Senior Care since October 2013. She beamed as she found out that she had been chosen as CAREGiver of the Month.  Her excitement in being chosen showed in the times that she repeated that she “has the very best job.”  When asked what she likes the most about her position as CAREGiver for the Daytona Home Instead Senior Care, she replies, “There are just too many things to list.”  

She tells me that her happiness not only comes from the fact that she is in a position to give back and share her heart with some wonderful clients, secondly she also loves the terrific unwavering support of the HISC office staff.  She tells me that she knows her job would be much more difficult and frustrating without the never ending support from such caring professionals at the Daytona Beach Home Instead Senior Care office. Whenever she has needed assistance, they are there to help and listen. The office staff describes Malissa as extremely caring and giving. She builds trust by always being punctual and she truly cares about all of our clients. She often picks up shifts on a moment’s notice, putting the client’s needs ahead of herself, even if she had never met the client because they need her assistance.

Malissa has always been drawn to positions where she can be share and show her compassion. She tells me that being helpful and caring come natural to her.  Prior to coming to Home Instead Senior Care, she worked in respite care with children in need due to health issues (such as care needed with having surgeries and/or Chemo treatments).  She has always liked to make a difference and care for people. She thinks that with having so much empathy and compassion, she must have been born to care for others. Her family has always told her that she has a heart as big as Mother Teresa’s. In fact she came to be part of the Daytona Home Instead Senior Care team because her sisters just happen to be in the righ​t place at the right time. While doing errands one day, they happen to meet the girls from the Daytona Home Instead office at job fair. It took a little time to gather information from the staff, but they knew that Malissa would fit right in. She said that they were so excited because they knew that this was just the perfect job for her. The happiness and joy that shines thru as she shares the story of how she came to be part of our Home Instead Senior Care team is proof that CAREGIving is something that truly makes her happy.

Malissa tells me that she has shared many heartfelt moments and gained many memorable experiences. Her best memories come from situations where she begins working with a client that may be reluctant to the idea of needing help. She likes the challenging clients because even when the client is tough, she knows that by being compassionate and sharing her heart, she can usually turn their feelings around. She went on saying that she had a very difficult male client. The evening began with him being adamant that he didn’t need help and wasn’t even sure he liked her. It wasn’t long after, with her taking the lead and sharing her heart, his attitude changed and they were sharing smiles. She likes those times where she can turn around a tough attitude and bring some happiness into the lives of her clients. With her position as a CAREGiver, she knows that she can give back. She enjoys assisting them with staying in the comfort of their own homes because she knows this helps to improve their lives. She tells me that even though there are challenges and tough situations, she always feels confident and comfortable because she has been given the necessary training and she also knows that the staff is only a phone call away and always available for her.

When asked if she had anything more to share with us, Melissa’s thoughts go instantly to training and client care, as she tells me that something that has always interested her, is to see more training on body language. She said that she feels when a person cannot tell you with words how they are feeling, having a greater knowledge of body language would assist, both client and CAREGiver, in understanding what would make the client more comfortable.


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