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Loves Helping Others to Have a Better Life

Born and raised in Michigan, Cheri Perkins came to be part of our Home Instead Senior Care team on August 13, 2015. With prior CAREGiving experience in her background, she fit right in here at Home Instead Senior Care, Daytona Beach. Her compassion and nurturing heart were evident right from the start. People have described Cheri as people oriented, enthusiastic, sensitive, kind, and task oriented. Cheri describes herself as someone who is outgoing and loves new experiences. With Cheri's outgoing personality comes a great love of nature, the beach, boating, motor cycles, cycling, fishing, and camping. All are things she gets great joy from, and she tells me that all activities of course get better when enjoyed with her family.  In building her snap-shot profile, Cheri writes that she is successful in her career as a caregiver because of her wonderfully supportive family members. Cheri has a great family, two beautiful girls that have given her six fabulous grandchildren.

Cheri chose to start a career at Home Instead after many years of helping to care for her mom who had dementia. It came to her that sharing her heart and caring for others that need a hand was what she was the complete happiest in doing. She realized that her heart was in the right place when she was lending a hand at helping others to enrich their days and make their life a bit better. She knew she was where she belonged because she enjoyed, and was good at being a CAREGiver.  

Cheri enjoys working at HISC and tells me that she just loves her job; things could not be better. She likes being able to provide care, love, and understanding to people who need a hand.  She has so many memorable experiences with caring for so many different folks. Her favorite time spent with clients is when she can sit and listen to them tell about their past history. The stories that they share of when they were young and the experiences that they have gone through in their lifetime are always so amazing.

Another thing that she just loves about her job is that she has a great opportunity to meet different people all of the time. Cheri tells me that, "It's a privilege to be in a position that allows me to get close and bond with elderly people that have come from different places within the world. Listening to the stories that they share from their trips and life is just as interesting as it is to open up a history book. Our seniors have so many wonderful moments and gained knowledge to share.  I love the flexibility in working at HISC, I can choose my hours and plan my schedule around my life and the time that I am available to work." HISC offers Cheri many opportunities to grow, learn, and take the lead through attending in-service monthly training programs. In the last year she has attended Home Health Aide, Hospice, HIV/AIDS, and Alzheimer's at HISC.

As many CAREGivers that build bonds and share their heart, Cheri knows that the greatest paincomes from loss. She tells me that the hardest part of CAREGiving is with separation. There are many different types of loss but all are sad. Losing a client is never easy, whether the client relocates, goes into a facility, moves with family, or sadly passes. Any type of loss is hard because you are part of their lives every day. Being a CAREGiver means that you are close because you bond and build relationships, you become like family.  Cheri explains that relationships with clients are always great and the office staff has always been very wonderful and caring. She would really like to have more time to spend with both the clients and the office staff.  "I so enjoy what I am doing she states, each client is different and being able to care for people is always like entering a new journey. For me it has been wonderful experience every single day.

The staff at Daytona Beach Home Instead Senior Care is just honored to present to you, Cheri Perkins our choice as September 2016 CAREGiver of the Month.


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