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"Home Instead has been better than expected. The caregiver drives my father to the doctor, makes meals for him, takes him wherever he needs to go, gets his hair cut, and washes clothes sometimes. They call us if they have questions. She is there to be another pair of ears because my dad is hard of hearing. They’ve been very good. "

Posted by Denise47 on Jan 23 2016

"I interviewed 3 local agencies for my parents in Largo, FL. From the start they were on time and professional. They worked with my parents who were quite hesitant about having someone in their home. Their representative Pam was reassuring and even came back to introduce the caregiver to my parents. She stayed with them until they were comfortable and she called right after to make sure it went well. I live out of town and this service makes worry so much less about mom and dad. "

Posted by suzzyh on Aug 28 2013

"She's been under care for almost a month now. One of the main reasons we chose this provider was that she really didn't need that many hours. She really doesn't need a whole lot of care, she needs more companionship. Her caregiver comes in at home for 2 hours, 3 times a week. We did not wait too long to find her caregiver that has a good match. We applied Tuesday and then the caregiver came Thursday. Her caregiver is very delightful. She's very helpful and a good companion. She does light house work and fixes her meals. My mom is very comfortable with her. Her caregiver is very nurturing & attentive. My mom is always looking forward to having her come in. It's a middle age woman, she's in her 60's and my mom is on her 80's. It's really a good match. She's really a good companion. My mother doesn't need care per se. She just need someone to monitor eating and stuff. She's very giving and just very jovial and a very good companion. She also drives because my mom can't drive anymore. She's been great! My mother loves her, so that's what counts. It just felt right. "

Posted by Vicky 1 on Jun 08 2012

"We LOVE Home Instead Senior Care!! My Mom's life long friend who is 93 years old was coming home from the hospital. I could not be there to help her but I made one phone call and Home Instead arranged EVERYTHING!!! They brought her home, made sure she was comfortable, went grocery shopping, arranged to have a bedside commode delivered that we didnt realize until she got home that she would need. They matched up the perfect caregiver for her and she comes by twice a day. Once in the morning to get her up, make her breakfast, leave a sandwich she can just grab for later, be there to stand by while she showers. Then, she comes back in the evening to make her dinner and assist in getting her ready for bed. That way she still has her independence but gives us piece of mind that she is eating, taking her meds, being safe. You have a fabulous company and I cant thank you enough for the piece of mind you have provided us!! "

Posted by Guest12152 on Aug 28 2011

"Three years ago my mother had a stroke. Although she recovered fully, I was not comfortable with the idea of her being alone, I live an hour away and was not able to provide her with the attention that she needed. I contacted Home Instead Senior Care and was able to meet with a representative the day after my call. After our meeting I felt such a sense of relief! For 3 years my mother has enjoyed the company of wonderful, generous caregivers. They have been a lifesaver for both my mother and myself.The office staff has always been helpful and insightful as to my mother's care. I would 100% recommend this company to anyone who is needing help with an elderly loved one, it was one of the smartest phone calls I have ever made. "

Posted by Tracysmith on Aug 24 2011

"Finding Home Instead Senior Care for my mother has been a blessing. My mother is a registered nurse and was skeptical about any person coming in her home to assist her when she was diagnosed with cancer. From the initial phone call she and I both felt very comfortable with the people that helped us. The compassion was amazing and the caregivers truly went above and beyond to always help us. There was no task that we asked for assistance with that was not accomplished. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for assistance with a loved one, or themselves. The thing I loved the most is that we could completely customize the hours we needed. Some weeks we needed help with transportation to appointments, grocery shopping, and other weeks after chemotherapy we needed help with basic hygiene. The service is AMAZING! "

Posted by Mary Katherine on Aug 24 2011

Betty - "My Mother needed a little help around the house and also a ride to the Doctor from time to time.  I was not able to get the time off of work in order to assist her as much as she needed.  We hired Home Instead Senior Care and we are delighted with their services.  The office staff is always available and my Mom is so happy to have a helping hand.  I would highly recommend using their services for your loved ones if you are unable to do the things that they need help with.  It is worth the piece of mind knowing that my Mom is getting the things done that she needs and I can rest assured knowing that she is taken care of.  Home Instead Senior Care is a great company.  Thank you!"

Diane S. - "Judy is so wonderful.  I don’t know what I would do without her.  She is a lifesaver and my Mother loves her just as much as I do.  We feel like she is a part of our family now and we don’t know what we would do without her services.  Thank you Judy for listening to my Mom, caring for her and & being such a fantastic person."

Anne L. (Client's daughter) - "Elaine gives her heart and soul when she is taking care of my Father.  She really goes beyond the call of duty. She doesn't act like it’s a job at all and as a matter of fact she acts like it is more of a calling. I feel that she was born to look after other individuals.  She is like an angel for my family and we would not know what to do without her.  Thank you Home Instead Senior Care!"

 Janis - "Our CAREGiver is a wonderful person and we are so happy that we decided to use Home Instead’s service!  We are very relived to have someone that can look over my husband and I now that we are getting older.  We really love Denise!  She is so sweet and understanding.  We are so pleased with her performance and she is always on time.  It definitely makes it easier having her help with so many things!"

Darcy P. - “JC at the office is outstanding. Susanna has been my CAREGiver for over a year now and she has never missed a time to come in.  We are very happy with the services at Home Instead and would highly recommend using them for yourself or your family member.” 

D. Roberts - “Don’t know how I could get along without Sheryl.  She gets me happily through the day, and that is not easy.  She is the best!” 

Pat - “My CAREGiver is extremely cooperative and does things she doesn’t even need to do.  Whenever I call the office, they are attentive to my needs.  I really depend on Home Instead and they have never let me down.”

Doris - “I really enjoy Roberta and look forward to every visit with her.  She is more like a friend and I don’t have to tell her what I need or want, she just knows me.” 

The Lewis family - “My mother would never be able to stay at home if it wasn’t for all you wonderful people at Home Instead Senior Care.  Thank you for the peace of mind you give me and for the love and compassion you give my mother.” 

John M. - “Barbara is the best CAREGiver we’ve ever had.  Thank you!” 

Jane - “The three Caregivers we have had over the past two years do special things for my mom.  They bring her flowers.  They work with the family.  They bent over backwards at Christmas and decorated for her.  Knowing she is taken care of relieves me.” 

Bertha J. - “My parents love their caregivers and I know they are taken care of since I can’t visit with them as much as I’d like to.  The caregivers do whatever my parents need but I really like that they also play games and have fun.  They seem happier now thanks to Home Instead.” 

Alice P. - “My caregiver Nancy makes me laugh and smile every time I see her.  Don’t ever take her away!”  ​


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