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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in Durham, NC have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

"It was very pleasant - not the medical procedure of course but the person driving me there and back was very professional and helpful. I was SO HAPPY to have someone to take me to and back from this appointment."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Apr 24 2019

"The office staff was very friendly. The wonderful caregiver assigned to us was truly caring and compassionate. We considered her a friend of the family."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Apr 18 2019

"Their unquestioned dedication to meeting the client's daily needs as well as the big picture. The high quality of the care givers The accessibility and responsiveness of management when the are questions or needs. You can use my first name in promotions. I do not approve being identifiable in anything going on the public internet. If you use my first name, spell it Susan. "

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Apr 17 2019

"Everyone has been very responsive and a great effort was made to match and accommodate to our needs."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Feb 21 2019

"The healthcare assistant is very helpful and works very hard to keep mom healthy and happy. I can relax knowing that she is in capable hands when I’m not there."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Dec 20 2018

"Home Instead does double back bends to meet even the most last-minute needs. And it does so with immense generosity of spirit. It has meant the world to our family that when our father has needed anything from emergency care to prescription medicine to just human warmth, you have dropped everything to provide him on the spot. Thank you, from our deepest hearts."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Oct 24 2018

"We're now nearly a year into 24/7 use of Home Instead's services, and they have been completely reliable and professional. Very satisfied with both the quality of care and the communication."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Oct 24 2018

"Everyone that we have dealt with has been fantastic and we would recommend them to anyone."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Oct 24 2018

"My parents are blessed to have 3 Caregivers work a rotational schedule 7 days a week providing excellent care in a very nurturing and understanding manner. They obviously are well trained in caring for dementia clients and perform their daily tasks in a very efficient manner. I am happy with their work in my parents’ home and will be as long as my parents stay in their home!"

Posted by aaront on Jul 18 2018

"The interview process went smoothly. They selected an individual that is very suited for my needs and works very well with our family."

Posted by Chazara on Dec 20 2017

When I first contacted Home Instead Senior Care of Durham, in late winter 2011, I had been trying my best to fulfill the needs of my mother, who suffers from a slowly advancing dementia and still lives alone. Because I work every weekday, I was finding it more and more difficult to be her daughter/companion/chauffeur/ CFO/cook/housekeeper/gardener/laundress, and also maintain the time and energy to attend to my own home and family.

Bonnie Thommarson, the co-owner of Home Instead, assured me that she could select someone who would be a good match for my mother in temperament and in terms of her needs. When I put my trust in Bonnie, I had no idea how totally she would fulfill that promise.

Ethel has far exceeded any expectations I might have had for a companion and caregiver for my mother. She entered my mom’s life very gently, as an unassuming but competent presence. She learned my mother’s likes and dislikes quickly, and perceived her needs with great insight. Ethel uses humor, patience, and compassion to accomplish things that my mother could never be able to do on her own. And though mom can’t remember, from day to day, that Ethel has been spending four afternoons a week with her for sixteen months, Ethel is never exasperated by the situation: she always remains calm, sympathetic and upbeat, and helps my mother engage the world much more fully.

Most of us thrive on the affirmation that what we are doing is worthwhile, in terms of what we provide for others or achieve in our professional lives. In the case of dementia care, where the awareness of one moment is gone the next, it takes a very special type of person – one who can appreciate small moments of success – to persist in providing care without losing patience. Ethel’s cheerfulness, warmth, and attentiveness never falter. She has taught me, by her example, that there is no place for negativity in interacting with my mother. My own ability to deal with mom’s limitations has been greatly enhanced by Ethel’s example.

While I knew that I needed the tangible help of physical assistance for my mother, I never could have predicted the intangible benefits to come from having such a special person enter mom’s life. I will always be deeply grateful for what Ethel Breeze has done for my mother and me, during this most challenging time.

Belinda P. June 24, 2012


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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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