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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in Moorpark, CA have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

"Wonderful service that we can count on for compassionate and reliable care! You have been there when I could not and I have come to depend on your quality decisions!!!"

Posted by Ojaigirl1 on Jun 21 2017

"1 - The peole they have are responsive, on time, and they keep the high standards. 2 - They are outstanding.  I have to go to the doctor or here or there, and they are outstanding. 3 - They are always on time with the time that has been planned.  They are just generally nice people. 4 - They have excellent caregivers and a good support staff.  They always keep us informed. 5 - I am working full time and I can count on the staff to be kind and caring.  I really appreciate the care of Home Instead. 6 - I have never had any problems, so I guess that means everything is okay. 7 - I have got a very good girl.  I like her.  She is very good. 8 - The people are competent and professional.  They knew what they were doing.  They helped us and the ladies.  Some were different, but they all were very good and excellent.  They did well.  They are a very professional and competent organization. 9 - They take good care of me and they provide everything I need. 10 - The people are well-trained.  They are very helpful, and they are always on time.  They are capable of home care, and they know some medical things.  It is not exactly nursing, but they know enough to help. 11 - They did exactly what I had asked for.  In the two weeks they cared for my mother, they really just did an excellent job."

"This experience has been caring, caring.  When you get older, you feel helpless and when you encounter people who are caring, it makes a tremendous difference.  I have had really great care."

"Home Instead is a wonderful caring company. Without their help things would have been a mess. There is no other company out there that can provide the quality of care that Home Instead does. "

Posted by Sarah04 on Aug 14 2012

"Home Instead is a wonderful, caring company.  Without their help things would have been a mess.  There is no other company out there that can provide the quality of care that Home Instead does."

"HOME INSTEAD is a franchise which rents out caregivers, who provide a myriad of services ranging from companionship--reading and chatting--through the more skilled and onerous tasks of incontinent care.  This multiplex of services is designed to aid the disabled or aged to remain in their own familiar surroundings, their own well-loved homes.  The Simi Valley branch performs admirable.  Perhaps its greatest strength is their car in matching caregiver to customer.  My helper might well be my neighbor, or even a younger cousin, she takes pride in her work and responsibility for reminding me of my meds, or filling my car with gas.  I suffer from severe cripling rheumatoid arthritis--look Ma, no hands-- I could not remain home without the help of this caring service, which I have used for almost a year.  Five Stars!"

​Thank you for the fine services you provide for my mother Jean. I am Jean's oldest daughter and Jean lives with me in my small condo. We are residents of Leisure Village and know of your agency because Jean was a client of Home Instead in her previous home in Bakersfield, CA. I am please with the consistency of kind care in your employees, the office personnel, the coordinator Dee, and especially from the fine women sent to care for my mother. The women you have sent to waken, feed, bathe, clean, assist with mobility, transportation, and to lend their brains and spirits to Jean have been careful, kind, consistent in good work habits, and seem to enjoy different aspects of their work. They interact easily and well with the Leisure Village Association staff, the homeowners' association, and our neighbors. I feel comfortable in leaving the house when I know we are in your hands. I like the clear communication I have received. You were there when Jean first moved in with me, and you waited out her stay elsewhere while her hip mended from surgery until her return. The value of knowing i am not alone in sharing Jean's life is immense for me.


Camarillo, Jan. 2012

Your loving and gentle care for our mother was greatly appreciated in this difficult time.  Thank You.
Family of Ms. Hooton
Simi Valley 
Thank you for the caring help offered by your team. Give my love to Randall. He entertained Ernest and he loved it. They were 2 of a kind. Randall was great and we are so happy with his caring services.
Thousand Oaks
There is a very influential person in Omaha by the name of Mike Sumnious. He is franchisee for dozens of Burger Kings. He wrote me a note to compliment us on your performance with his mother who lives in Westlake Village. Evidently you transported her to and from the Burbank Airport. He said you did a great job. Thank you for all you do.
Paul Hogan/CEO Home Instead
Omaha, NE
I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for the quick response to the Pratt case. By working together, we were able to really help someone in great need. Please send my sincere thanks to your staff.
Marcia Ortiz
Alzheimer's Assoc.
To the wonderful people at Home Instead-Thank you for the loving work each and every one of you extended to Harriet and to me! Thank you and God bless you and your work.
Mr. Ferguson
Westlake Village

Thank you for your services. Danielle was wonderful. Thank you again.
All girls took very good care of me. Sigi took care of me like I was her dad.
Mr. Zino
Newbury Park
We want to express our appreciation for the exemplary services Brenda provided for our friend Marion. Brenda's previous experiences and empathic communication skills enabled her to function at a higher level than the typical care provider. She understood the rational for specific health interventions and was able to articulate her concerns to Marion who in addition to having Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder exhibited much befuddlement and irritability associated with dementia. Brenda displayed an ability to focus on important matters and prioritize her caregiving activities. Her bonding with Marion was sincere, heartfelt and always in the service of Marion's welfare. Thank you again for providing us with such a high caliber person as Brenda.
Martin & Mary
I would like to express our thanks for the great help your girls gave us! Lisa did a marvelous job on Saturday. She really knows how to handle people-gave a great sponge bath and wouldn't let Bob give up. The wedding was fabulous! I thank you for your help in getting Bob there.
Bob & Phyllis
Simi Valley
From the moment you walked into my father's life, you became an important part of our family whether you wanted to or not. You became so special to not only my father but to my family. But let's start with my father. Every time I saw him, he wanted to introduce me to his best friend, the nicest guy in the world, you know, that guy! However he said it, you were very special to him. You took great care of him and for that we are very grateful. I want to thank you for the hours that you spent with him when he could enjoy your car and drives, when he could sit in the living room and watch TV and the times when you came into his bedroom and he lift up. For everything, thank you. I especially want to thank you for everything you did before, during and after his funeral, for your beautiful words during the service, I thank you. For everything you did, my family and I are truly grateful.
Dee came to us three years ago through your agency to help my mother with her daily care. Dee became mom's special guardian angel sent from God to watch over her. Dee was bright, happy and enthusiastic. A ray of sunrise, I thought she was great but mom was a bit more guarded, wanting more time to make up her mind about this new person. The following Monday morning Dee started her new position with mom. When I came home for lunch that day, all I heard was laughter coming from my mom's house. I peeked in to see what was going on, Dee and mom were playing cards and laughing so hard Dee was in tears at something funny mom had said. I knew then Dee had won my mother's heart. How in this world can I ever put into words the support, compassion, love and care that such a wonderful human being as Dee put into this family's life. I thank God every day for sending my mother Dee, her guardian angel to add laughter and love to her last 3 years of life. There is an art to caregiving and Dee has perfected that art to a tee. My hardiest congratulations to Home Instead Senior Care for employing such an outstanding person as Dee. I hold your agency in high regard and will recommend Home Instead Senior Care to anyone needing exceptional care for their loved ones.
Simi Valley
Thank you so much for the wonderful care that was given to my mom.
Thank you very much for the care and compassion displayed by your people.
Thank you both for your help and I will recommend you services to my friends.

"I am taking this opportunity to tell you how very pleased I was with all the help your employee Mary provided me. I was discharged from St. John's Medical Center October 27th and Mary was here with me until yesterday, November 16th. Having her here, I'm sure, is responsible for my recovery in such good fashion. Mary was professional, efficient, clean and most caring. She did everything to my utmost satisfaction. On top of all that, she was just a very pleasant person to have here at my home while I was recuperating. I do thank you once again for the fine caregiver you sent me."
I want you to know that we were most satisfied with the services rendered by your caregiver Nadine. She was so foresighted, most caregiving, thoughtful and considerate of Lloyd and I. We will always be happy to recommend her. Likewise we appreciated all the courtesies your people in the office extended to us.
Simi Valley
I want to express my appreciation in having your caregiver Bea caring for my Alzheimer's husband Warren while I was away from home July 9-14. Bea is a very conscientious, considerate, supportive and a much likable person, and I believe my husband felt very comfortable with her attending him in my absence-the first time we had been separated since his diagnosis. I will most heartily recommend Home Instead, but particularly Bea to anyone who required such a service. Thanking you and your company for being there when I needed help.
Marie has become an important part of our lives, not only as a competent, efficient caregiver, but also a caring human being. She is always smiling, personable, and truly a joy to be with. She has managed to make a very difficult situation bearable. Her keen awareness and dedication is admirable. I want to thank you for providing the way to make our lives easier.
Simi Valley
Esther suffers from Parkinson's, most of the time she can hardly get in or out of bed; she's so uncomfortable most of the time. It is remarkable show she perks up when Marie helps her with her ambulation! I get a kick of hearing them laughing and giggling like school girls. Marie sets her hair and makes her feel beautiful! She gives her little massages and puts her to sleep. I think that's when Marie goes to work after they have their cappuccino. We think Marie is truly wonderful, she's such a happy individual, our house looks spick and span when she leaves! It is remarkable how she does so much and looks so serene! She's like a daughter to us.
Thousand Oaks
Sheila provided home care through the Home Instead Company for my mother in-law during her stay with me while I worked. With Shelia in my home, I never had to give a second thought to my mother-in-law's care. Shelia's efficiency provided me full assurance that any situation would be well covered. This enables me to work with a complete freedom of concern from the situation at home. Shelia always displayed common sense & a level-headedness. She tackled any task that she was presented with willingness and tenacity and completed them well. I am very grateful for the service that she provided for us and recommend her highly.
Pat Ventura

Just want you to know how much we appreciate Lola. She is so good with Gladys and Gladys thinks the world of her. This says a lot because Gladys has had a hard time with finding just anyone. Lola was by her side thru all of Jay's illness. She went to the nursing home and the hospital and sat with Gladys every day. Just wanted you to know what a great person she is. Home Instead, what a blessing your company has been to us.
Santa Paula

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Home Instead offers free monthly newsletters with tips and advice for caregivers of elderly loved ones. (Privacy Policy)

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