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Latest ​Home Instead North San Diego County​Reviews  ​

Read what other familie​​​s in North San Diego County have to say ​about Home Instead Senior ​Care's home CAREGivers :​​​

Kind Words from a Client in Vista, CA

In regards to the Vista office here in North County San Diego, I have to say I was extremely impressed with the high level of professionalism of this company. My mom was dying and we desperately needed help. Dona communicated quickly with me, came over and assessed our needs, and worked with us until we found a person who was right for us. When my mom died suddenly, lead manager Bonnie Tate quickly refunded the prorated portion of my deposit. I was extremely impressed with this company and, if need be, I wouldn't hesitate to call upon them again.


A Kind Letter from Phyllis

Good morning, Bonnie!

I was thinking about you and Dianna this morning and how helpful you’ve been along the way since my first outreach to get information about Home Instead in case we needed it at some point.  It was months before I contacted you “just in case”. I generally don’t access support groups as I have a really supportive network of friends and a very supportive partner, but I realized this morning that you and Dianna have been my support all these months.

I think I shared with you that I had a 30 year career in special education. I specialized in severe/multiple disabilities and autism and I worked to support many children and families, literally hundreds, locally as well as nationally, as they dealt with extreme behaviors, navigating the public school system, and advocating for inclusive education for all kids. I know personally what it feels like to support others as they struggle through a life challenged by the unexpected circumstances of loving a child/adult with extensive needs. And so in essence, I’ve spent the majority of my life on your side of the table. As such, I recognize true kindness, true advocacy, and true support that professionals can give the families and loved ones who surround a person with complicated needs.

I say all this because many times I’ve felt like I know for the first time what all the parents felt when I supported them. You’ve made me feel the way I wanted and tried to make the parents feel. It is the full circle and I can never thank you enough for listening to me and working with me.

I’m not sure my dad will access your services again but I will continue to advocate for it. And in the meantime, I will continue to hold gratitude in my heart for all you do and have done.

Enjoy your day,

Senior Care Testimonial: Kind Words from Carola F.

Feb 9, 2018


Senior Care Testimonial: Kind Words from Susan

June 29, 2017

​Home Instead​ Service is excellent! High quality CAREgivers and attentive managers ​create an excellent team.​

The company tries very hard to find someone for us even on very short notice. 

The quality I admire the most is that whenever a new CAREgiver is assigned, the manager comes to my home as the new CAREgiver arrives and shares with that person all the details about my husband’s care that I shared with the company during the intake process. Very impressive. I heartily recommend this service.



Senior Care Review: A Lovely Call from Judy

June 19, 2017

Our office received this wonderful call from Judy this morning who ran into CAREGiver Rena and client Kathy while they were out to lunch at Hunter Steakhouse in Oceanside, CA last week.

Judy said that she had never seen someone as caring as Rena was towards Kathy!  She asked Rena who she worked for and found out it was Home Instead Senior Care in Vista, CA.

Judy and her husband are in their 70's and in good health, but Judy mentioned on the phone that when she and her husband need services she would want Rena to take care of them. 

Thank you Rena and way to go!
Your Vista, CA Home Instead Senior Care office.






The following two letters recognize the great work of our CAREGiver Maria. She has been voted 2016 CAREGiver of the year. We are so proud and thankul that she is a part of our Home Instead family and that she has been recognized for all her hard work. Thank you Maria! ​​EPSON025-page-001.jpg





"While we have temporarily stopped using Home Instead because of COVID, Bonnie and all the other folks at Home Instead have always been very responsive and quick to resolve any issues that may have arisen. If the need arises, we will definitely use them again."

Posted by Sharon D. on Nov 09 2020

"I'm writing this review to let everyone know about Home Instead Senior Care in Vista Calif. My wife has the late stages of Alzheimer's, I'm completely home Bound. With that, I'm not able to go out of my house for anything anytime. Home Instead Senior Care in Vista has come to my rescue on MANY occasions. They are always quick to respond, always reliable and officiant. Their staff from the office to the caregivers are always nothing short than amazing. I would no doubt or have any hesitation to recommend them highly. If you or our family are ever in need of any In Home Care, call them. They are available to answer any calls anytime day or night. Sincerely,Mr. Barney C."

"Prompt response, excellent intake coordinator, excellent quality of individual sent out to care for my Dad."

Posted by Anonymous Reviewer on Oct 16 2019

"Caregivers stayed with our mom through the night to make sure she stayed in bed and had companionship when she could not sleep and was confused or frightened. They were always on time, personable, easy to talk with, and prepared for our mom's needs. They kept informative logs that helped our family. Staff and caregivers were always professional and compassionate. We could trust that our mom's needs were being met, and this helped all of us manage a difficult situation."

Posted by Marie Karen on Oct 19 2018

"Everyone we have interacted with on the staff has been professional, caring and responsive. I appreciate the ease of schedule changes. "

Posted by brenda-post on May 30 2017

"My mom has used Home Instead for more than 2 years and they have been fantastic. Staff is caring and really concerned about their clients. When I asked to change assistants to better fit my mom's style and personality everyone was super helpful and we have a perfect match in Lisa Gilbo who is fabulous! "

Posted by San Marcos CA on Jan 23 2017

"Personable, helpful, pleasant and caring. "

Posted by Gloria Doering on Dec 29 2015

"I have been with Home Instead for over 3 years and I am very happy. My aides Dianna M. and Dora A. are just wonderful. I would recommend Home Instead to everyone - and I do! "

Posted by Esther B. on Dec 16 2015

"My caregivers are excellent. What else can I say? They are very conscientious about what they do. The office staff is always polite. They always find someone at a moment's notice. "

Posted by June21 on Apr 30 2015

"Home Instead is the fourth outfit of this kind that I have hired. The first 3 charged about $20 per hour and were worth 15. Home Instead charges $25 and are worth thirty! "

Posted by Russ9 on Apr 30 2015

Hello Ladies,
I'm writing to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support this last year.  Never did I think that I would still need to be "camping out" at Mom's nearly a year after her fall.  Her various successive medical issues have been a challenge for us all.  But through it all, Ashlee, Martha, Barbara, and Dawn have been real troopers.  I'm particularly grateful for their help during the holidays when I injured my leg and came down with something flu-ish. We would have been in a world of hurt - literally and figuratively - without them. 
Dawn has been a good addition to "Team Audrey," and she should be considered as a backup, when necessary. 
Can you tell me when your next meeting is?  I'm assuming that attendance will be mandatory? 
bye for now, Mary Ellen Stan (Audrey's Kid)


I didn’t have to call my mom, she called me first. She had such a wonderful time yesterday with Deborah. ​She took charge and was friendly and engaging; Mom said she was “Wonderful.” They did together everything I would have done if I was there. 


I looked at the log this morning and while I did not see anything there, my mom was the sounding board I needed to be sure she is in good hands and has found a “kindred spirit.” She now looks forward to the times she will spend with her very special friend from Home Instead each week.


Thank you so much for sending her. My mom couldn’t be more pleased and I feel so much more at ease.


Please pass this on to Deborah.


Blessing to you all.


Pam P.​

​Hi Bonnie,

Now that we have passed the 5 month mark with Mom/Audrey's recovery, I want to take the time to extend our mutual thanks to "Team Audrey." Ashlee, Martha, and Barbara have been a wonderful support team for Mom. Not only are they professional in their duties, but it is obvious that they genuinely care about Mom's well-being - both physically and spiritually. Individually, Ashlee starts Mom's day quietly and steadily - exactly what is needed when one is first getting up in the morning. Next up, Martha, is nurturing and competent with all of the house management duties. And at night, when everyone can use a pick me up (including me) Barbara is a positive and jolly force to enjoy. I value her judgment immensely on Mom's ever-changing status. Each of the ladies is very accommodating of Mom's changing abilities and wishes. Because of their dedication to her physical therapy and to her every other physical need, she is much further along than she would have been if they hadn't been here for her. Their presence gives both her and me peace of mind.

They should all get Gold Stars!!!! I hope I've been able to convey our thanks to them, but I wanted you to know how much we appreciate them and everyone at Home Instead. As we like to say in our family "Nicely done!"

Very Sincerely,

​Mary E. 



​ ​

Dear Bonnie,

Rufina came into my brother's home at an emotionally charged time. My siblings and I were all on edge having cared for our mother intensively for the last few months and in rotation the last eight years since her stroke. Frankly we were not very kind when she first got there. We did not communicate well with her and she started off with hostility on our part. 

​BUT she conducted herself as a professional. Instead of being offended, she went to work with compassion and ability. She assessed the situation with caring expertise. She made my mother more comfortable, and helped my sister and I. When my mother started spewing foam from her mouth, she cleaned and repositioned her. When no one could/would go to the pharmacy to get the medicine (for fear of not being there when our mother died), Rufina personally drove to the pharmacy and got the much needed medication. That medicine slowed my mother's breathing down and made a huge difference.

Her experience made my mother's death a calm transition instead of the frantic frightening event it was up until that point. She stayed with me and reassured me as I administered the medicines, since my mother could not swallow. She made my mother's passing peaceful.  Afterward, Rufina took care of everything.  She helped us change, clean and get my mother ready to be taken to the mortuary. She knew just what to do and say. Her attitude of respect and caring manner put us all at ease during this most difficult time. Her help was invaluable. I cannot say enough to praise this dedicated caregiver. When my father died there were hospice nurses there, but I don't remember any of them. Rufina I will never forget. Rufina deserves to be honored.


Eileen D.​



Home Care Review: On CAREGiver Martha A.

A daughter shared their thoughts with us.

"Martha A. has been my mom’s companion for about 8 months now, and we could not be happier.  Actually, I’m not sure which one of us appreciates her more, my mom or me!  She has literally saved both our lives.  She gives so much more than is expected and is always patient and kind.  Martha has a gentle way of making you see the other person’s point of view and remaining neutral in her personal opinion of a situation (My mom even agrees with me on that point!)  She is humble, kind, reliable, trustworthy and greatly respected by our entire family.  Martha spends 5 days a week with my mom and when I am home, I always hear them laughing. Always.  It takes a person, a special person, who loves their job to do that.  I hope she never leaves us."


Home Care Review: On CAREGiver Christina C.

A couple happily shared their thoughts with us as.

“We made a good decision starting with Home Instead a couple of years ago; we can depend on getting the help we need. Christina C. has been our regular helper for about one and a half years. She is able to adjust her time schedule whenever we have unavoidable morning appointments. She always comes in on time; we appreciate her suggestions and willingness to help. She is a good cook and her sweet smile always makes us feel good.”


Home Care Review: On CAREGiver Christina C.

Another letter a different client.

“On behalf of my mother and me, we happily send our CONGRATULATIONS to Christina C. When we met Christina we liked her right away. We immediately felt confident in her caregiving abilities and she soon became more than our CAREGiver, she became our friend! Christina is very personable, always kind, easy to be with and easy to talk to.

My Mother enjoys their many interesting and diverse conversations, or simply watching a movie or Mother’s favorite reruns of Magnum PI on TV. Every time she comes, she always makes my Mother feel special and she always succeeds in brightening up our day! At the end of the day when Christina is leaving, my Mother always says, ‘Thank you for coming and being here for me.’

After Christina has left, my Mother will say things like, ‘I like her, she is so nice, and she is GOOD at what she does.’ Christina is a lovely lady inside and out and is truly a blessing in our lives. We are grateful to all of you at Home Instead Senior Care for the Peace of Mind and Sense of Well Being that your Wonderful Service brings us.”

Home Care Review: Joe 

I'm writing in regards to my caregiver Barbara. Barbara serves me Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for five hours a day. She has been my caregiver for three years and we are beginning our fourth. She is completely honest and trustworthy. She has never missed a day and has  never been late.  

She is a wonderful cook and baker, and I'm glad to say, she has never served me a "TV" Dinner. All of my meals are homemade and I enjoy these well balances meals very much. She prepares all of my lunches and dinners, so I have meals for the days she is not here. She also makes sure my freezer and refrigerator are well stocked and very clean. 

When we go shopping she makes a list, taking into account items that are on sale. After that is completed, we do the grocery shopping together. During our shipping trips, I am also getting the exercise I need. Because of my limited vision, Barbara takes extra precautions to insure my safety in the stores.  

I have difficulty seeing spots and stained on my clothing. She checks my clothing so that when I’m in public my clothes look nice and clean. She does all of my laundry.  

There are many other things I appreciate about Barbara. She is a great driver and takes good care of my car. She keeps my plants healthy, decorates for holidays, and helps me with my pet cat. I am grateful for her company and we have had many conversations on many topics.  

For my 91st birthday, she planned a party. She invited and fixed a meal of 11 of my friends. We all has a wonderful time together. The Pineapple Upside Down cake she made was exceptional! I feel that many of the things she does for me are above what is required.  

Barbara works form the minute she cones in the door. Because of Barbara I am able to stay in my home. I am extremely grateful for this. She works hard for Home Instead and I feel she should be rewarded for her hard work.  

I have dictated this letter to my daughter to ensure that you understand that these are my thoughts and no one else's.

Sincerely,  Joe S.

Home Care Review: 24/7 Care

It would be impossible for words to describe a consummate caregiver who saved my mother’s life—literally! Had Dianna not stopped by, my mother, who lives alone, might have lain on the floor for hours, with a broken hip. At 88 years old, that is a terrifying thought!

In that crisis and all that ensued, Dianna did everything right! First, she did not move my mother but immediately used the Life Alert button to call paramedics. Why didn’t mom use it? Oh, it was in the bed and she was on the floor. Unfortunately, she has a skin condition (psoriasis) that makes everything itchy; so she could not wear the necklace but kept it by her side in bed. Of course, she did not take it with her when she got up to go to the bathroom, tripped at the bottom of the bed and then could not reach it.

When the paramedics arrived, Dianna had the presence of mind to take all mother’s medications and the critical Home Instead binder, with doctor and contact information. She calmly called me to explain all that had happened and I requested that she stay with mum at the emergency room, which she did for many hours, until mum was admitted. (btw, we’re British and “mum” is our “mom” term).

Surgery went well and two days later mum was sent to convalescence. Unfortunately, the care at convalescence was barely adequate and her skin condition, itching all the time with sores and rashes, made her terribly uncomfortable. The limited staff were equipped only to address surgical recovery and physical therapy. After only three days there, mum contracted pneumonia and was back in ER, fighting for her life.

With heavy-duty antibiotics and hospital care, mum started to stabilize but was terribly weak. With all that had happened, she had been bedridden for almost two weeks, barely eating. Not wanting to risk the convalescence experience again, I fought to get her to her own home, knowing we had Home Instead to rely upon and, God willing, Dianna as her caregiver.

Prayers were answered and we brought mum home. At that point, mum could barely lift her head from the pillow and required 24/7 care. The psoriasis was out of control, her colitis (diarrhea issues) was acting up (likely due to her medications being poorly managed at convalescence), her hip was fragile being newly pinned together--creating a totally new challenge--and mum had lost her spirit and even her desire to live.

Although 88 years old, prior to this incident, mum had lived alone and was completely independent. In one second, with just one tiny trip at the bottom of her bed (even on soft carpeting), she lost her independence and became totally dependent. Needless to say, she was despondent.

Dianna stepped up to every challenge of that 24/7 care: Every micro managed necessity of medication, hydration, nutrition, skin care (a total challenge because there is no solution!!), loving kindness, encouragement and, above all, sincere commitment to getting mum well. Amazingly, a mere 10 days after coming home, she was able to go to the surgeon and primary care doctor for follow-up and to lunch with us, walking with her walker!! In fact, she is back at exercise classes and card games with her friends and is wondering when she can drive again!!

Can you imagine! From death’s door to independence in two short weeks of intense, perfectly managed care! Not possible; I mean really, not possible, without the skill, medical knowledge, excellent training and genuine caring of an expert caregiver! Let me clarify—not any expert caregiver—but one in a million—Dianna! We are indebted to her and to the excellence of Home Instead for my mother’s recovery, in fact, for her life! I will forever be grateful!

Dianna could not do this alone, either, and we were blessed to have another incredibly dedicated, talented and heartfelt caregiver, Genielle. Working seamlessly as a team, they carefully managed mum’s care, leaving no gaps or risks. As a result, after two short intense weeks, they now chase her around the house to prevent her going into the garage, lifting things she shouldn’t or performing other normal activities that she still needs to do cautiously.

Home Care Review: Sandra

I believe my mother and I are the poster story for Home Instead:

One hears the adage: “Don’t wait until you need the help.” But what does that mean? Two years ago, Lee DuPerry patiently explained to my mother the benefits of joining before need: Having a company who already knows you, your home, your medications, your habits, etc. Still, mother fought me tooth and nail saying, “I’ll get it when I need it.”

Only very reluctantly and only with my begging (when I had an impending out of the country trip scheduled) did she sign with Home Instead, in order that she would have coverage and to prevent my obsessing with worry. While I was away, she did not need help, but Lee called and/or stopped by just to say “hi” and that made a lovely impression. When I left town again this year, Sharon stopped by several times, of her own volition, to say “hello.” What a comfort it was to me! I am an only child and concern about my mum is my 24/7 worry.

I shudder to think what would had happened had we not had Home Instead available when the actual need arose: Caring people who knew my mother, her home, her medications, doctors, contacts, etc. Without them, my mother likely would have died alone in her bedroom.

As for a will to live, the truly dedicated, loving care giving has restored mum’s spirits. Each and every person who touched our lives, carries credit for this. I am indebted and deeply grateful for the integrity and values that shine through every facet of Home Instead Senior Care.

Please feel free to call me for references: Sandra

(Only child of Esther, a happy Home Instead client)

Home Care Review: Barbara B.

Dear Sharon and staff,

First, I apologize for taking so long to send you this note of heartfelt thanks for all that you and the staff at Home Instead did for both my Mom and Dad over the last eight years. After my Mom had recovered from her first stroke and it became clear my folks needed to move closer to family, it was very reassuring to find your service and work with all your wonderful staff to help us keep my folks at home and enjoying life.

Although Mom only lived here a few months before sustaining another stroke that proved fatal, she had developed a bond with Natalie B. Also, Natalie was a wonderful cook and Dad really enjoyed that as she took over his care over the next year or so. There were many other staff that intermittently cared for Dad and kept him company as he mouned Mom's passing and all were very thoughtful and considerate of Dad's needs. It's because of all these folks that Dad was able to "age in place" at home.

Then in October 2009, when my brother and I decided we needed someone to be with Dad longer during the day, Luisa R.became his primary caregiver. She quickly bonded with Dad and he definitely loved the attention. As he never was one to want to sit around, i.e. his favorite phrase always seemed to be "Let's bug!", Luisa took him for drives to the beach and other spots where he could enjoy the outdoors. She always was very aware of his needs and when he began requiring more support, she was there for him and kept us informed of changes as they came about.

In April, when Dad had the incident that put him in the hospital and eventually the nursing home, Luisa visited with him several times. I know he appreciated her being with him and always condsidered her family. My brother and sister who came from out of town were very impressed with Luisa's gentle ways and obvious concern for Dad. I'm so glad they were able to meet her as she spent much time with Dad, knew his idosyncrasies and made his daily life enjoyable.

It's been a hard several months getting used to Dad's passing, but I'm comforted in the knowledge that he lived life the way he wanted and up until near the end, he was able to get outside, see the ocean and enjoy companionship of people who cared about him. All the people at Home Instead greatly assisted us in accomplishing these goals and I will always be grateful for that. I've enclosed the funeral card from Dad's service as well as the information about the memorial website that has been set up honoring his life. Feel free to share this with the staff.

Yours sincerely,

Barbara B.

Home Care Review: Ernestine and Family

"Wow! We are so lucky to have our first full time care provider to be Maria R. She is the best. We are so appreciative of her tender, loving care to James ("Curly") and her wonderful expertise in senior care. She is so very attentive to his various needs that we can feel great confidence when we are leaving him in her care while Ernestine gets some time out of the home. Maria is a very professional care provider. Thank you for all the good service, also, when we have needed some additional care provided from time to time. You are all very responsive to your clients' needs"


Ernestine and Family

Home Care Review: Gary and Kathy

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We are writing on behalf of Mrs. Linda B., from whom we have been receiving  services from Home Instead on a regular basis ....

Noteworthy is that she has gone out of her way to facilitate a smooth transition for Gary F. since his surgery, performing tasks such as impromptu shipping trips, periodic unusual messes, and most unusually, witnessing the euthanizing of Kathy's service dog, Ranger. She, as did all of us, was emotionally involved in this event and showed sincere empathy for us at this difficult time. At the same time, she continued to provide daily therapeutic need for Kathy, especially sharing positive counseling.

Linda is able to anticipate and plan for circumstances that might occur. Her knowledge of caregiving and doing the right thing in general, are qualities that make her a valuable resource.

Please do what you can to recognize her for a job well done. We have been rewarded time and again by her expertise in so many areas. It's time for her to receive some recognition for her extraordinary talents.

Your Truly,

Gary & Kath F.

Home Care Review: Jacqueline

Thank you so much for helping me yesterday ...

.... I am immensely grateful to you and it gives me great comfort to know I can call on your services.

Again, thank you so much,

Sincerely, Jacqueline

Home Care Review: Terri

This letter is way overdue.

It has been approximately 2 years now since we made contact with Home Instead to have someone come into my parents home to help my 91 year old father and 84 year old mother. My father, Roy, has had two major surgeries in the past 2 years. My mother, Josette, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 5 years ago. My siblings and I are very close andf love our parents dearly, but we all live too far away to help mom and dad with their ongoing needs as they continue to age and want to reside at their beautiful home on 3 acres in the hills North San Diego County.

As is to be expected, we have had several different caregivers over the course of these 2 years. They have come and gone with little lasting impressions. Most have been blessing and a few just weren't a good match for the ongoing challenges that face my parents. However,, there is one that has endured all the challenges and continues to assist my parent in a way that can only be described as heaven sent. Her name is Sylvia.

Sylvia is a gem, a jewel, a gift of love. She is focused, hardworking, compassionate and knows how to multi-task and organize her days, weeks and months with regards to my parent's need and care. She arrives daily at 9 am and stays until 2 pm Monday through Friday. I've had the pleasure of watching her in action on some of my visits when I stay with my parents. She anticipated their needs, predicts their wants an gently nudges the "must dos".

Every morning she arrives and starts with the first order of the day - breakfast. I realize food  preparation and meals in the household can be intimidating. My mother is French and my father is a gourmand. She had somehow managed to "kitchen witch" her way into their food loving hearts which is no easy task! After that, it's a whirling dervish to multi-tasking: making the beds (and fluffing it in such a way that receives daily pleasurable comments), dishes, sweeping. mopping, laundry, dusting, vacuuming, organizing, sinks, toilets, showers, all the while bringing into the home little bits an pieces of "outside" news on what she encountered on the way or new happenings observed in the neighborhood. This may spur on a deep discussion of some sort or another, which is mind stimulating for both the elders, as well as Sylvia I suppose.

After the "must dos" on her today list, it might be off to the dentist, grocery store, bank, run an errand, nursery op for plants, or just a pleasurable scenic drive to get them out. It's really no less than a miracle how Sylvia manages to accomplish all that she does in her 5 hour day. She's a miracle worker, a God send, a gift from the Universe. I am blessed, impressed and enormously grateful to have her in our lives.

I am in frequent contact with my parents and love to visit and stay with them every couple of months or whenever I can.  But when I'm not there with them, I feel happy, assured, and confident that all their needs are being attended to in a way that is consistent with what a loving family member might do.

I thank Home Instead for continuing to provide Sylvia as a loving caregiver for my parents. And more over, I thank Sylvia for being the loving, compassionate ray of light that continues to shine in to our lives. From the bottom of my heart - thank you, thank you, thank you.

Sincerely, Terri

Home Care Review: Wendy

Dear Lynn,

I could yell on the mountain-top, "Lynn is a gift to mankind!". My aunt would be nodding and my aunt Shirley would be heard clapping! I truly thank you for your dedication to my family.

Sincerely - Wendy.

Home Care Reviews by Clients & Families

"I love the caregiver. She does wonders for my mother". SM

"The person I have is outstanding. She does the best she can in her tasks". EB

"They were very courteous and available when I called. They knew what they were doing". JB

"They are all courteous and capable". JM

"They are very friendly. We have an excellent caretaker. They are available for my grandma at any time. If we have a schedule change, it's no problem for them". LH

"We like the lady who helps us. She is my mother's friend. They have become friends over the three years that she has been with us". LK

"It is because of the caregiver. She was excellent and professional". BO

"It was great. Based on the circumstances after the surgery, they were very prompt and helpful". MW

"Thank you for all the extras you do for Dad. It makes my life doable. Lots of GREAT Appreciation". LM

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