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Vivian Credits Prayer, Positivity

Award-winning CAREGiver Vivian Perea knows about the power of prayer and how a positive approach can greatly impact others.  

CAREGiver Development and Training Coordinator Valerie Catalan said it best when she pointed out: “No matter what the situation, Vivian always finds a way to be positive.” Valerie added: “Vivian is always putting others before herself. She is a strong, dependable, caring and compassionate person.” As a compassionate person, prayer is a priority for Vivian – just ask one senior who is no longer a client with Home Instead Senior Care® of Las Cruces because, with Vivian’s help, she improved so much that she lives on her own without assistance. 

“The client had been very ill. She was giving up when I went to assist her because – in my opinion – she had lost most of her faith. She asked me to pray with her in the hospital, and I continued to pray with the client at her request. There were a lot of factors involved in her recovery, but if you boil them all down, I believe her faith returned and she got well,” the CAREGiver of the Month recalled. “She said, ‘I am glad you prayed with me and helped me regain my faith and my health.’ ” 

Devotion to that client isn’t an isolated occurrence. Vivian revealed: “Every day when I wake up, I say my prayers and go on my way. I ask God to help me do my best for my clients.”

When life’s storm clouds hover over a client, Vivian knows what to do. “I try to elevate the clients to an upbeat mood or outlook, maybe get them to laugh. Some clients are sad and low-key in their demeanor, looking depressed. I come alongside them as their life’s journey is in progress, and I try to give them strength,” said Vivian, a CAREGiver since July 11, 2014. 

“I find they want reassurances of all kinds – that the day will go well, that they will recover from a malady, that I will return again to help them, just reassurances so they’ll feel more secure. I want them to live in the short term, day to day, where we can manage our emotions and not worry about what tomorrow or next week will bring,” she added. 

“I love to work with people. My philosophy is: What can I do to give of myself?”

Franchise owner Jan Wimsatt confirms that Vivian lives that credo: “Vivian seems to go above and beyond in giving of herself. I have always found Vivian to be sweet, caring and proactive with her clients.” Client Care Coordinator Dona Martinez agreed, saying: “Vivian always gives 100 percent to her clients. She is very good at listening and picking up on what their needs are. She’s compassionate and understanding. She always has a smile, even on the hard days.” 

Vivian, who has one regular client and seven or eight part-time clients, said she often waits for Staff Manager Ann Marie Vasquez to call with client requests. Ann Marie noted: “Vivian is a great person all around. She is caring, understanding, helpful and proactive. Vivian has a heart of gold. She is on time to her shifts, reports important information and is always willing to help.” 

Operations Specialist Ariel Kannady added: “Vivian is an amazing person who is truly genuine. She is proactive, caring, compassionate, and trustworthy. All of her clients love her and wish they could have her all the time.”

Vivian admits she’s in demand but doesn’t know the reason. “I am not sure why, because I do not do anything differently than other CAREGivers. I am honored that the clients want me to help them,” Vivian said. “I guess it was like that when I took care of my mother. Mom did not want anybody else, no one other than me and her grandkids.”

Credit her mom and dad as the reasons Vivian is with Home Instead Senior Care after a 15-year career ended because her employer closed his doors. “I was not ready to retire. I did administrative work, but I decided I was looking to make a change,” Vivian explained. “During the job interview, I told Home Instead that I had taken care of my mom, who had dementia, and I also had taken care of my dad, who had cancer. I figured if I could take care of my family, maybe I could do this.” 

With Home Instead Senior Care, Vivian has found a strong, compassionate family. “The office staff and management are amazing,” Vivian said. “I was diagnosed with cancer in February, and I went through a tough time because the cancer caught me off-guard. The staff was so wonderful because when I’ve been down, they have helped. They’ve been supportive and stayed behind me all the way. I am determined to fight this battle with God’s help. 

“Without faith, you have nothing and no reason to smile. My doctor asked me, ‘Do you always smile?’ when I come through the door of his office. I asked him, ‘Do you want me to frown?’ He said, ‘No, by all means, smile.’ When I am not smiling, my grandkids always ask why I’m not. My eight grandchildren keep me smiling.”

Vivian added: “And being with clients brings me hope. They are a source of strength. If I can cheer them up, I’ll be cheered up myself – that’s for sure.”

Home Instead CAREGivers, who are screened, trained, bonded and insured, provide a variety of non-medical services to help keep seniors independent. For inquiries about employment with Home Instead Senior Care, please call (575) 522-7133 . Home Instead Senior Care also accepts online applications to become a in home caregiver.​

For further information about the company, visit Las Cruces Home Instead Senior Care, or learn more about our company's senior home care services by viewing our digital brochure.​​​​​​​


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