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Clients, Families, Staff: Samara Always Gives 100 Percent

“To us, it’s personal.”

  • Home Instead Senior Care credo

“Everything that hurts my client also hurts me.’’

  • CAREGiver of the Month Samara Rodriguez

“Samara cares with her heart. She provides her client 100 percent of herself.”

  • Staffing Manager Ann Marie Vasquez

It might not be possible for award-winning CAREGiver Samara Rodriguez to give any more of herself than she already does to her clients at Home Instead Senior Care® of Las Cruces.

Samara, who joined Home Instead Senior Care on July 28, 2008, has been “family” to a client for the past five years. Depending on the perspective, Samara has either observed some amazing rebounds by her client or participated in the wondrous turnarounds that have kept the 95-year-old dementia client going despite a multitude of maladies.

“My client has endured a pattern of rapidly declining health episodes that are followed by miraculous comebacks,” Samara said. “Last year, she couldn’t talk for a time. The doctors believe she had a series of mini-strokes, but they just don’t know for sure.

“I was able to communicate with her because I knew her body language, expressions and habits so well. If I was stumped, I would softly keep asking questions until she nodded or shook her head. Now she is back to saying sentences or phrases where I can help her with a missing word or two. It truly is another miracle, and she’s had many,” Samara added.

“I have always wanted so badly to help her. She’s like my mother, and I take care of her as if she were my baby. When she was capable of speaking, she asked me to call her ‘Mom,’ and that is exactly what I do – I call her ‘Mom’ or ‘Mommy’ – because we are just like family. I’ve always given my very best – 110 percent – and I don’t mean to use that as a cliché.”

Samara’s client went into hospice for about three months but was taken off that designation in September. She had been in the hospital, in rehabilitation and back home in her nursing home, but Samara rarely left her side for long. Samara’s efforts did not go unnoticed – check out the comments:

  • Staffing Manager Ann Marie Vasquez: “Samara is wonderful. She is reliable. She cares with her heart. She provides her client 100 percent of herself.”
  • Client Care Director Faith Lester: “Samara is a passionate caregiver. She is committed to the care and well-being of her clients. She is determined to give them the best quality of life she can. Samara gives them great days because of her dedication to making the day great for them.”
  • Community Service Representative Ariel Kannady: “Samara is such an amazing CAREGiver, and she truly has a CAREGiver’s heart. She gives her client 110 percent each and every day.”
  • Client Care Manager Dona Martinez: “Samara gives 100 percent to each client. For her primary regular client, she makes her feel very special with the beautification routine they do. Samara is very attentive to her needs and does very well with knowing what she needs now that her client isn’t speaking much. Great job, Samara!”
  • From a healthcare professional: “Samara is wonderful. If I needed someone to care for my parents, Samara is the type of person I would want caring for them.”

Samara has other Home Instead clients, does fill-in work and has another part-time job. While she is generous with her time for caregiving duties and works six days a week, she’s a loving mom with a daughter and a son. “If I get four or five hours of sleep,” Samara said with a laugh, “that’s enough. One of the many great things about Home Instead is the flexible hours and accommodation so that I can do my ‘mom’ things.”

Even though she’s a busy mom and CAREGiver, Samara always finds time for her faith.

“I am always praying for my clients,” said Samara, who takes her 95-year-old client to 11 a.m. Devotionals every weekday. “As far as asking for miracles, I absolutely do and then leave it up to God. I believe God gives me a certain number of qualities or gifts that I provide to my clients: love, compassion, caring, affection, empathy, faith, discernment and wisdom.”

Sometimes there are no words for Samara’s attachment to her longtime client, who knows Samara’s face, the tone of her voice and expressions of kindness and comfort. “As soon as she sees me,” Samara said, “she smiles. She seems excited. Whether she can talk that day or not, it makes no difference. I am truly hers.

“I have taken the time to really get to know my client and her 67- and 71-year-old daughters. I know, for instance, that she’d go to school on a horse when she was a child. Of seven brothers and sisters, she’s the only one left.  I can talk to her about her long-ago memories, the only ones that she still has because of dementia.”

How does Samara manage to do all of this?

“I am there to serve her and God. You have to put yourself in the clients’ shoes,” she said, “because if you can do that, you can understand them better. Sometimes it would make me so frustrated to be in their places. One goal I always have is to remain upbeat, positive and happy no matter what has happened that day. I always have been a happy person, and I learned to let go of the cruddy things that come up. Being angry and upset is not for me. That is not how you can serve others or God.”

Home Instead CAREGivers, who are screened, trained, bonded and insured, provide a variety of non-medical services to help keep seniors independent. For inquiries about employment with Home Instead Senior Care, please call (575) 522-7133 . Home Instead Senior Care also accepts online applications to become a in home caregiver.

For further information about the company, visit Las Cruces Home Instead Senior Care, or learn more about our company's senior home care services by viewing our digital brochure.​


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