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Senior Needed Maude for One Last Major Project

When award-winning CAREGiver Maude Allen's client passed away, succumbing to Alzheimer's disease, her 93-year-old widower wasn't ready to let Maude go. So he became a client who had something in mind to stay active.

"He kept me to help with his video project, which documented where he and his wife had been as world travelers. They had gone around the globe at least two times because, when he was 50, he and his wife moved to Europe for his job," said Maude, a CAREGiver of the Month for Home Instead Senior Care® of Las Cruces.

During the client's travels, he had accumulated hundreds of slides. The client wanted Maude to help edit the slides, scan them and manipulate the images for quality. Maude and the client then put the collection together as a presentation for his family.

"When we were finished," Maude recalled, "he had made a hard copy of all pictures to give to his granddaughter. Other family members received the files on a thumb drive. I wish I had a movie of them. When he died 3½ years ago, he said he was ready to go. I still have a picture of him and his wife sitting on an elephant. All of my clients have similarly amazing lives. In his case, I loved it because his final years had meaning, a drive and an intention."

Maude, who has been a CAREGiver for 10 years, also lives with a purpose. One of her favorite Bible verses is Ephesians 4:32, which says: "Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you."

"My faith plays a role in every part of my life, as well as my job," Maude said. "Many times clients want to talk about religion or just be assured that they will know their loved ones in their eternal life. I am there to listen and reassure them.

"I am there to give them a hug when their world seems to be crumbling down. All along the way, I pray for guidance to know the right things to say to lift their spirits. Just knowing that someone truly cares means the world to them. I love what I do because it gives me a sense of accomplishment just knowing that I have been there for these wonderful people."

An aura of peace and serenity seems to follow Maude wherever she goes.

"When I speak to Maude or when she comes to the office, she gives me a sense of peace. Maude's demeanor is calming and relaxing," Staffing Manager Ann Marie said. "I can only imagine the calming feeling she gives her clients. She is dependable, reliable and just a delightful person. Maude is truly an exceptional CAREGiver."

Others joined Ann Marie in providing superlatives for Maude:

  • From franchise co-owner Jan Wimsatt, whose mother receives Maude's help as a client: "My quote as a daughter is that her soothing demeanor and respectful attitude calms my mother when almost no one else can. My mother trusts her with paperwork and assistance with bill-paying - something she is tremendously independent about."
  • From Client Care Manager Dona Martinez: "Maude pays such attention to details, it is so reassuring when she is working with clients. She makes sure that everyone who needs to know something about a client is contacted. She has such caring ways and is very passionate about what she does."
  • From Client Care Director Faith Lester: "Maude's clients love her! They are very vocal about their preference for her when they say, 'Do not take my Maude away!' She has a serenity that makes her clients feel secure. She utilizes common sense in handling day-to-day situations. Maude is a good conversationalist; she gives thoughtful feedback. She multitasks, and most important to one of our clients, she can iron clothes!"

Maude learned her life skills early in life as she grew up on a ranch between Hatch and Deming, later running the ranch with her mother. They sold the ranch and moved to Las Cruces in 2002 when her mother retired. "I love Las Cruces and the Southwest. I never tire of the beautiful mountains, desert scenery and breathtaking sunsets," she said. "Moving to Las Cruces was somewhat of an adjustment, but I got used to it. It was more difficult for my mother.

"After we moved, I knew I wanted to give back and help people in some way. I felt a calling to help senior citizens. They are truly the forgotten 'jewels' in our society. I saw an ad in the help-wanted section of the Las Cruces Sun News, cut it out and thought about it for a month. I contacted Home Instead and was accepted. Then, my journey began.

"As with a lot of the caregivers I have met, I had taken care of a family member. It helped me understand the difficulties we will experience as we get older and problems families will face."

Asked what she likes most about being a CAREGiver, Maude said: "I like getting to know our clients and providing them the help that makes their lives easier. I also feel they can teach me many things because they have a wealth of knowledge and experience in many areas.

"Some of my clients have told me that seniors feel 'invisible' as they grow older. They also feel that society doesn't value them anymore. That saddens me. I try to make up for this emptiness in their lives and give them the dignity they deserve.

"I may be prejudiced, but I feel Home Instead is the best available service out there for seniors wanting to stay in their homes. I have clients who introduce me as their CAREGiver and then proceed to tell the person how wonderful our company is. I agree."


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