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Gloria Builds Trust With Clients, Families

Gloria Duran and the word “trust” have been synonymous at Home Instead Senior Care® of Las Cruces for more than 16 years, since the award-winning CAREGiver joined the franchise owned by Jan and Ron Wimsatt. 

Because of her consistently compassionate efforts that build trust, it is no surprise Gloria has been honored for the second time as CAREGiver of the Month. “Gloria is very respectful and patient, and quickly earns the trust and confidence with her clients,” said Ron Wimsatt, whose franchise had been helping seniors for five years when Gloria came aboard.

Jan Wimsatt pointed out: “I have known Gloria Duran since May 1999, when she first became a CAREGiver. She truly has CAREGiver DNA – and genuinely cares for each client regardless of his or her circumstance. She made sure one dementia client, with whom she had more than 25,000 service hours, was always dressed so cutely and had such a good time on their outings.  Gloria kept her moving and loving life until the client just wasn’t able to do it anymore. I am always confident when I introduce Gloria to a new client, knowing she will give outstanding care. I’m so proud to call her a member of our team, and she has served for the longest of any of our current CAREGivers, too!”

Ron added: “Gloria has a special gift for working with individuals suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, and she puts them at ease and gets them to respond and take care of such things as grooming and hygiene issues.” 

There is no better example of a client’s trust in Gloria than a unique circumstance that came up 10 years ago when a client died. Gloria was charged with carrying out the funeral arrangements and final wishes at the request of her client and his family, who lived in New York. 

The client had no relatives in the Las Cruces area and had outlived his friends. Gloria picked out the client’s casket, the cemetery plot and the clothes he wore for his interment. “He trusted me with everything. His death was hard on me. It came unexpectedly when he fell at a facility where he was living and never recovered, passing away two weeks after he fell,” Gloria recalled.  

The wife of a current client said her trust in Gloria is confirmed every time she sees Gloria take the initiative to do more than what is expected: “Gloria is proactive, and when she sees something that needs to be done, she takes care of it. She is calm and mellow, good company for my husband. She works with him on our computer tablet, and is always flexible and accommodating. Gloria is just excellent.” 

The client’s wife also said: “Recently there were ants in the area where my husband sits regularly. I asked Gloria to wipe down the area, but Gloria went above and beyond, and asked about ant spray. I took Gloria to the garage to show her where the spray was stored. Gloria then found where the ants were entering the house and sprayed them. When I returned home, the ants were all gone. That is just one of the many stories we have regarding how wonderful Gloria is. Gloria helps me so much and takes care of the things for which I may not have time to address. We are so happy we have Gloria as our CAREGiver!” 

Long ago, Gloria trusted her own judgment when she chose to become a CAREGiver. “I went to college for my degree in marketing but felt empty in that field. It did not make me as happy as I have been in caregiving. I like the gratitude of our seniors; they make me feel good,” Gloria said. “I was taking care of my late grandmother and my mother, who was also struggling with medical issues, when I saw Home Instead in a newspaper advertisement. I knew I could do the job because of the way I handled the situations with Grandma and Mom. I took care of Mom and a disabled sister until they died last year six months apart. Mom died at 75; my sister died at 50.”

One of Gloria’s daughters, Ali, embraced her mother’s standout work as a trusted family caregiver and Home Instead CAREGiver. On Dec. 31, 2014, Ali also became a CAREGiver. “Ali enjoys the work. I was worried because she is so sensitive – two of her clients already have passed, but I thought she held up well,” Gloria said. 

“Ron, Jan and others in the office have watched my kids grow up because I have been with the company so long. My youngest is now 21, so she was 5 when I joined Home Instead.  The franchise has been really good about scheduling so I could spend time with my family. They are very flexible and understanding. I have a daughter who has epilepsy and still has seizures. When I have had to leave a shift early, they understand.” 

The office staff’s trust in Gloria is evident: 

Staffing Coordinator Ann Marie said: “Gloria is a great CAREGiver. She is very good with clients who have dementia. She is very proactive; she goes in and does the job.”  

Client Care Coordinator Dona Martinez said: “Gloria works in some challenging situations and always seems to get the client to smile and participate.” 

Operations Specialist Ariel Kannady said: “Gloria is amazing. When I introduce her to an Alzheimer’s client, I am always confident Gloria will just step in and do whatever needs to be done. She is proactive and calm in any situation.” 

“I love being a CAREGiver. One big thrill is being able to raise the level of their function after I come aboard to assist them,” Gloria said. “I want to make them feel important and treat them with dignity. My hope is to keep them very independent and allow them to do as much as possible but keep them safe. I encourage them to try to do what they can do. If they want to help me with easy and safe tasks around the house, I allow it. That builds trust.”

Home Instead CAREGivers, who are screened, trained, bonded and insured, provide a variety of non-medical services to help keep seniors independent. For inquiries about employment with Home Instead Senior Care, please call (575) 522-7133 . Home Instead Senior Care also accepts online applications to become a in home caregiver.

For further information about the company, visit Las Cruces Home Instead Senior Care, or learn more about our company's senior home care services by viewing our digital brochure.​​​​


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