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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Home Instead Senior Care ReviewsRead what other families in Oakwood Village, OH have to say about Home Instead Senior Care®:​​

Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

Interview with Author Carol Miller

Interview with Mrs. D

Interview with Mr. Chip M., M.D.

"Brandy goes well above and beyond her duties as a caregiver. She does it with willingness and a good attitude!"

Posted by Joseph on Feb 16 2018

"Home Instead Senior Care provided home care for my mother for a year and a half . She had 6 care givers working different schedules and every one of them was kind and professional. I know it's hard to believe but we had no problems thanks to Christine who was her primary care manager, as well as her office support team.. She was great! I recommend Home Instead to any one looking for first class home care!"

Posted by Art on Feb 10 2018

"HISC has been by far the best and most professional companion I have dealt with for care for my mother. Everyone, from the caregivers to the administrative staff was wonderful. "

Posted by Howard715157 on May 04 2017

" Very good company. service was very good and they are well organized. , "

Posted by Buddy b on Feb 26 2017

"Nancy sincerely cares about my health and makes sure to keep up with all of my doctor’s recommendations and suggestions. She is a great communicator and always goes above and beyond. "

Posted by Connie Gordon on Sep 27 2016

"Nancy sincerely cares about my health and makes sure to keep up with all of my doctor's recommendations and suggestions. She is a great communicator and always goes above and beyond. "

Posted by Connie G. on Sep 14 2016

"Home Instead's logo includes a small phrase, “to us it’s personal”. One might think that is something to catch attention and may not really believe this is the case. My experience with Home Instead has proven that this phrase couldn’t be more accurate. Home Instead has taken care of Jo, my mother for several years, who is now 97 years old. Unfortunately she has reached the point where she needs 24/7 care and has been moved to a nursing facility. All of the caregivers from Home Instead have gone above and beyond the call of duty, even stopping to visit her on their own time as well as communicating with me to keep me informed of her activity. Since I live in Texas, this service and caring attitude has been a tremendous service and helped with my peace of mind. Eileen F., Client Care Manager is an example of the phrase. “to us it’s personal”. She has rushed out to my mom in emergency situations just from the good of her heart. She has been so greatly helpful and kind to my mom as well as toward me. My mother’s latest primary Home Instead caregiver, Lyn, is simply a gem… an angel in disguise. She is not only genuinely caring, she has put her mind to what was the best way to care for my mother’s needs. As we increased needed hours for my mother, Patricia H, a past caregiver of hers came on board again, displaying incredible compassion for my mom. Olivia and Flonnie recently began caring for her as well… again, displaying sincere, mindful caring. "

Posted by Diana LD472128 on Jul 06 2016

"We are very pleased with the care that my mother receives. Her caregivers are very caring and competent! "

Posted by Diane A. on Dec 30 2015

"One of the things that I appreciate was how they wanted to work with me to find the best caregivers for the situation. Constant follow-up and being able to contact them with any concern resulted in them finding three outstanding caregivers that made my life less stressful. "

Posted by Nina15 on Dec 16 2015

"Excellent caregivers. A couple of less than optimal caregivers. Occasional problems with scheduling mix-up and need to make emergency coverage. "

Posted by L. Blake on Dec 15 2015

Dear Staff at Home Instead,

H—appy caregivers from Home Instead provided

O—utstanding service and feedback about daily activities with

M—y Mother for a year.  It was an

E—xcellent transition for her from independent living to a more supported lifestyle.

I—nsightful caregivers helped our family to understand mom’s needs.  Mom made

N—ew friends with caregivers who were friendly and helpful to her.

S—pecial care and attention were given to mom based upon her interests and likes.

T—he time spent with caregivers was peace of mind for my sister and me.

E—ffective planning made it so that mom could maintain an

A—ctive life including ballroom dancing weekly!

D—edicated Home Instead staff communicated with us in a

C—aring, competent manner at all times.  Home Instead was

A—menable to changes in daily routines when needed.  We felt that the caregivers were

R—espectful toward mom as well as our wishes for our mother.

E—xcellence is an attitude and a mission.  Thanks for the

S—upport for mom in this new phase of her life.

I hope this testimony from an adult daughter of a recent client accurately reflects how grateful I am for the time and effort that was put into my mom’s care last year.  She may not remember much of what was “done” for her by your staff or what was done behind the scenes, but I do.  There were lots of phone calls and communications that assured that her schedule would work out effectively, and that we could attempt to keep mom happy and healthy, while giving her some measure of independence.  That time period was very challenging for me and my sister with the stress of figuring out what to do for mom, and how to handle everything that was so new to us surrounding the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s.  We were definitely granted some peace of mind and the reassurance that we were doing “the right things” for our stubborn and independent mother, who raised us to stubborn and independent as well!

I sincerely offer my gratitude to you

Heidi R.

Dear Jeanne,

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a BIG BLESSING Home Instead has been for our family.  You know when my father came home after his hospital stay he couldn’t get around much and he utterly refused to a take shower.  He would go sometimes a month without bathing and my mother was so frustrated and angry.  She was just about giving up hope when we decided to give Home Instead a call.  My father looks and feels great with the help of one of your CAREGivers Julia.  My mom and dad love her and the care is, without question, the best thing we’ve done in the past several years.  Without this help my mom and dad would be bickering over his cleanliness, but now like clockwork, he is taken care of….worth every penny!!  God bless you for providing such a wonderful service to others! 

In Christ’s love

Celeste B.

​Dear Tyra and all of the wondeful caretakers at Home Instead,

Thank you so very much fro the wondeful and compassionate care you provided for my husband, Alan. These past few months have been a struggle for us both but we took comfort in knowing he was in good hands with the staff from Home Instead. Special thanks to you, Tyra, for taking the time to get to know him and understand his needs. You were truly a blessing. Thanks again.

God Bless,

Theresa, Mayfield Heights

​Dear Sheila,

My sister and I would like to thank you.  Ted, and the rest of the staff of HomeInstead for the excellent care you provided my mother in the last years of her life.  All the women you sent us provided wonderful sensitive care.  Wilma was with our mother for the longest and became my mother’s trusted and much loved caretaker. She kept in touch with us about any concerns regarding our mother’s health and well-being, and made herself available whenever we needed to talk to her. I don’t know what we would have done without her these years, and particularly in the last months before our mother died.  Wilma does her job exceptionally well and you are fortunate to have her on your caretaking staff.  We were also impressed with Jackie, Keetan, and Ruth Dean who cared for our mother for less time but who also provided excellent care.  I enjoyed and was enriched by my personal contacts with all three of these women.  Although I really didn’t have much of a chance to get to know Gloria and Helen, I have no doubt that they provided high quality care in the short time they were with our mother. 

Without HomeInstead, our mother would not have been able to remain in her home until the end of her life as she wished.  We are forever indebted to you

Sincerely yours, 

​Dear Sheila,

I want to express my deep gratitude to you for arranging such wonderful caretakers for my mother and being so flexible regarding scheduling towards the end of my mother’s life. I know it was a challenge to keep these women available to fill in when my sister and I were not in Cleveland.  For that we have you to thank, as well as them.

I had the privilege to meet Ruth and Jackie during my last two visits to Cleveland.  I was very impressed by the caliber and compassion of these two women.  They were not only very competent and reliable caregivers but, more importantly, they genuinely cared about my mother.  Every terminally ill individual and their family should be as fortunate as we were to have such outstanding help during a most difficult time.

And then, of course, there is Wilma.  Words cannot express the love my mother felt and my sister and I feel towards her.  Respect, compassion, love, competency are only a few of the adjectives which describe her.  Over the years she was with my mother, she became a member of our family and will remain so always. She was with me when my mother died, for which I am forever grateful.  I could not have gotten through the very emotional and heartbreaking last few hours of my mother’s life without her.  She was both strong and loving which eased my mother’s transition and my acceptance of the inevitable.  I consider her a friend and sister.  She epitomizes everything a caretaker should be. I hope your organization will acknowledge her in some way. She is truly one of a kind.


​Dear Sirs:

We have been delighted to be helped by Ron.  When he appears at our door, a pleasant time occurs as he tells us humorous stories while seeing that my husband gets to his class prepared and on time.  Ron is a gentleman and gregarious. He knows many people and so, while he and my husband go on their outings, my husband meets pleasant people who enliven his day.  Errands run by the two of them give my husband normalizing activities to perform and help me by reducing my work load.   

We are grateful to have such a polite and reliable companion to help us.

Very truly yours, 
Esther M., University Heights

​Dear Home Instead Senior Care,

Mrs. A couldn’t write a letter because her hand shakes, so she called to the office because she wanted to give great praise for her CAREGiver, Donita.   Mrs. A said her husband has really improved since Donita started as his CAREGiver. She takes initiative and is wonderful.  What a great help.  Mrs. Said once her husband is ready to be on his own they are going to continue with Donita coming to their home.  She is a keeper said Mrs. A.

Mrs. A, Northfield Center

​To all the wonderful people at Home Instead,

Our deepest appreciation and thanks to all of your for caring, understanding, and love that you gave to our mom during these last years.  You brought much comfort to her life each day and provided her with the quality of life she wanted and deserved. You also have been a source of comfort for the family.  We all feel very close to you. Thank you again and God bless you.

The Fay W. Family

​Dear Home Instead,

We would like to thank Home Instead and all the people involved in the care of our dad. During the last three weeks of his life he insisted to live there alone. Home Instead made that possible. Over and over again he said how great the people were and how well it was working out. So we knew we made the right decision. There was one person that stood out in his care, Diane. She was soft spoken, warm, caring and always knew what he needed and how to handle him. He told us he was taking a trip to Florida when he got better and she was coming with him. She was special. We thought you should know this.

Every one did a wonderful job and we want to thank Home Instead for making us know we made the right choice in kepping our dad at home, and using Home Instead.

Sincerely,The Johnston family, Brecksville

​Dear staff at Home Instead Senior Care,

It’s hard to find the words to adequately express the depth of gratitude I feel towards you.  My best attempt comes by way of a story.

My mother was always a bright shining star. She was happy, creative and optimistic.  I was so proud of her strength and courage. She left an abusive marriage at a time when most women didn’t even know they had a choice.  She remained strong, even after the death of my brother.  She was always in charge, both at home and at work.  I respected her for being a supervisor at a big city optical company and for compassionately sticking her neck out to hire the first African American at her company.  She owned and personally maintained our home; doing all the landscaping, painting, electrical work, car repairs, etc.  The roles she played bucked the trend for women of that era.  I looked up to her and followed her like the Northern Star.

Over the last two years however, my mother’s optimism has become clouded by fears that rush through her life like a storm-blowing her off balance.  Her confidence is shaken by each unsteady step she takes.  Her sense of taste, sight, hearing and smell no longer provide her with reliable information so her world is becoming unfamiliar and scarier by the day.  As she loses control over her own life she becomes more controlling of those around her. 

The mother I once knew is fading as loneliness, fears of falling, and fears of death take over. Her humor, one light-hearted and life-giving is becoming more sarcastic and hurtful. And now, judgmental and prejudicial comments sometimes over-shadow her compassion. 

I wondered why anyone meeting her at this stage in her life would be willing to deal with her anxiety, anger, demands and accusations of carelessness and theft.  How could someone take care for my mom now, if they didn’t understand her past of hadn’t shared years of joy with her?

The reality is many people haven’t.  They’ve found it too difficult to take care of my mom. 

That’s why I am so grateful to you Jeanie. You have hung in there with us.  Oh, I so appreciate all the things you do for my mother: taking her grocery shopping, to doctor’s appointments, making sure her blood pressure and medicines are taken correctly and that she is eating enough. You do everything that Home Instead expects of a care-giver.  But it is the things you do that only a loved one would do, that has made the biggest difference to me and my mother.  The very first day I met you, you said, “I will love her like my own mom.” And that is exactly what you have done. 

You stepped in and helped out like the sister I never had.  You asked me to go out for tea so we could strategize how to take care of mom.  You call with concerns and share tips when you discover things that help.  You pay close attention to and follow the routines that give mom comfort. You expand mom’s world by taking her on mini road trips to parks. You include her in your life by sharing pictures and stories about your family.  You call her when you are away and you even find thoughtful presents for her.  Like a loving daughter, you visited mom in the hospital.  No one had to ask you to go, you went because you care.

Before you came into our life my mother’s world had shrunk. She no longer had a chorus of people singing her praises.  She no longer did the things that once provided her evidence of her worth.  She questioned her own value.  I grew weary of trying to convince her of her strength. My encouragement could not carry the weight of my mother’s heavy doubts. 

I felt beaten down.

I mourned the mother I was losing, until you showed me how to find her.  You helped me reconnect with my mom the day you brought cookies to Judson for my mom to decorate. I was filled with joy seeing her go into patients’ rooms spreading Christmas cheer as she proudly gave away the cookies she had decorated.

You showed me what happens when I stop focusing on problems and focus more on creating opportunities for joy.  My cherished mom may seem remote at times, but now I know that if I look beyond the problems, I can still find her.

Thanks for all that you do for us Jeanie, it is more than words can express. 
Love,  Margery B. and Jan T., Beachwood

​Dear all,

Thank you for all you do for my mom and in turn me.I so appreciate your caring, dedication and decency.

Thank you for the times when you have to think quickly or be firm or gentile or patient or direct, but keep your grace and sense of humor through it all. For all the extra things that go beyond a job and come from your hearts.

Thank you for helping my mom maintain her dignity no matter what the situation. Reading a little more when you have no voice left. Taking another deep breath and explaining something which is in her best interest, one more time. Advocating for her as you would for your own parent.

Thank you for making sure she has clean clothes, a fresh bed and a nest apartment. Making an attractive meal, a healthy snack, bringing her groceries or replacing lost slippers. Seeing that she takes her pills, checking her oxygen levels and making sure that she does her breathing treatments. Always being sure she has something to drink.

Thank you for encouraging her to keep her strength and independence.Taking her to so many doctor appointments and helping her remember to them me everything.Holding her hand in the emergency room, the ICU, the nursing home and on just plain tough days.

Being my eyes and ears so that I have a clear picture of what is happening and what needs to be done next. Bringing a book, puzzle, a treat, flowers, a sewing project, poetry, music or video that she might enjoy. Being my internet photo delivery person so she can see photos of her grandson or family in England and Scotland. Watching for subtle and not so subtle signs of illness.

Thank you for keeping her safe. Reassuring her in the middle of the night and the middle of the day too. Making her (and me for that matter) laugh and focus on the positive. Putting on a smile and putting your own troubles aside. Working as a team because you all have a common goal. Remembering my mom's good days on the difficult ones.

Thank you for these and for many more big and small things that I haven't even mentioned.

With great admiration, respect, and reatitude; THANK YOU!

Debbie F.

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