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Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

"We are very pleased with all the help we are getting. Their helpers are very pleasant and are very willing to help my husband."

Posted by May Rose on May 18 2018

"I cannot say enough good things about the Home Instead staff. They have helped immensely with the care of my mother-in-law. Working around several schedules to make sure she was taken to doctor visits as well as making sure she's ok while we've had to be away from the home. I would use them any time. Thank you for all of your help for the past year. Sincerely, Kimberly."

Posted by Kimberly on May 16 2018

"Tanya, I wanted to take a moment to bring to your attention the amazing staff you have arranged to assist me with the care of my Dad. Last Friday, March 9, 2018, was a rather chaotic day as dad had multiple health issues happening throughout the day. Alice was here in the morning and was so helpful in assisting with care and cleaned up when my dad had a severe nosebleed. Alice knew exactly what she could do to make the situation easier for everyone. She was very calm, showed compassion and worked alongside the nurse and me to provide assistance without having to be asked. Alice was a true angel caregiver and went above and beyond all throughout the time she was here. Later in the afternoon, during the shift of Barb R. my dad had significant weakness and displayed confusion. It became more significant as time went on. Physical therapy came and it was clear that my dad was very weak and it was going to be very difficult for me to get him safely into the bathroom and to bed with no assistance. Barb never hesitated to provide me with all the additional help I needed. Barb and PT both stayed beyond their assigned time without hesitation to assist me in getting my dad safely to the bathroom and then undressed and into his pajamas and safety into bed. Barb was kind, compassionate and willing to go above and beyond what was expected. She was truly an angel that night. Finally, we also have Shawna on our caregiver team. Shawna is very enthusiastic, kind and attentive to my dad. She brings humor to his day and shows great care in all the tasks she completes while she is in our home. This young woman has a very bright future ahead of her. I am so genuinely pleased with the staff you have sent to assist me in the day to day care of my dad. I feel too many times people forget to take time to recognize and appreciate the good work caregivers provide. I hope you will also recognize the great work these individuals do every time they come to our home. You have my permission to share this information as you see fit. Thank you. Kim F."

Posted by Kim F. on May 10 2018

"My dad's caregiver is such a blessing. She is an answer to my prayers! She is caring, dependable, and very professional. I can count on her to let herself in and access the situation and take care of whatever needs done! Home Instead matched the perfect person to fit our needs. Thank you!"

Posted by Meg on Apr 26 2018

"Hi all. I wanted to share with you some remarks about the caregivers for Mom. Last night, Dad described Ann R. as "the right person at the right time" who was so calm, gentle and patient, who had complete understanding and support and "took everything in stride" as Mom struggled to relieve her constipation. He said that thanks to her "relief is all around us now". She's a keeper and I sincerely hope she feels the same way with my folks. As always, Bev, Adesuwa, and Patty have been wonderful and we so appreciate everything they do and really feel like they are part of our family. I do tell them this but I think you should know as well. Paul, you have been such a great addition to the team and your continual check-ins and gentle demeanor with Mom and Dad is so vitally important. Thank you! Thank you for being there. Sincerely, Amy."

Posted by Amy on Apr 26 2018

"I am very pleased. My care lady is such a big help to me. She just knows what needs done and does it. Also she has a good eye and can tell when I need help!"

Posted by Elsi on Mar 30 2018

"To all the staff at Home Instead. The whole Pease Family wants to thank you all for the loving care you gave Nancy. Also the friendship you gave to me (Gary). I wanted and got to keep my loving wife home till she passed, and I did that only because of your help. So thanks from Gary, Donna, Dale, and Debra. Thanks! Thanks!"

Posted by Gary on Mar 28 2018

"Joan and Tanya, I know I have said it many times, but I want to say it one final time, what a comfort and joy it was to have Mirella as my mom's most frequent caregiver. They clicked from day one and mom came to depend on her, perhaps too much at times as I know she would tell others not to worry Mirella would take care of it. Mom would always say to me don't worry I have my special gal here today. I heard from so many residents at Independence Village how she was so caring of mom and how much they loved her too and hoped she got another client in the facility cause they were going to miss her, too. My sister passed along how loving and attentive she was to mom on that Wednesday before she passed away. I called mom's line to check on her and Mirella answered and said that my mom had been asking for me. She put the phone by her ear and I talked to her for almost two hours as Mirella held the phone and spoke for my mom telling me "you just got a nod of she smiled big or wiping tears". That is time that I will cherish for the rest of my life! I also want to pass along that my brother, Dan, said that he doesn't know how he would gotten off through the night without Shirley there with him Wednesday night. He said she was so good at calming mom when panicked with breathing and allowed him a few breaks just to leave the apartment and breathe a little. I have never met her but I would like to thank her for both my brother and myself. I want to thank Paul for his visits to mom which she always enjoyed so much. She always laughed at how shy he was the first time he ever visited mom and how with each visit he came out of his shell and she looked forward to seeing him and so enjoyed his company. I made a good choice selecting Home Instead Care for mom. You always worked with me to find caregivers that suited my mother's personality and put up with her "firing" of several when they did not mesh. The fact that you handled the billing of her long-term care took a huge burden off me. The hoops you jumped through to try and fill shifts at the last minute during a holiday week was so very much appreciated. Thank you for everything!"

Posted by Cindy on Mar 27 2018

"Very easy to work with. Make every effort to provide consistent staff who are genuinely caring."

Posted by CWRN on Mar 26 2018

"The best ever. Great working staff."

Posted by Ronald on Mar 20 2018
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