As a Man Thinks

I remember reading my very first Stephen King novel, Firestarter. While the popular film adaptation only focused on the abilities of the main character, Charlie, to use her mental powers to start fires, the novel dug much deeper into the area of telekinesis. Charlie would use her "push" to do any number of things from stopping would-be assailants to fighting her way out of captivity. For weeks after finishing the book, I entertained the idea of being able to use the power of my mind to affect the physical world. I was not successful.

Most experts agree that humans use a very small portion of our brains. For years, screenwriters and novelists have entertained the notion of what would be possible if we were somehow able to harness a geater percentage of our mental faculties.

While I am still unable to move things with my mind, there are certain realities of mental function relative to the aging process that I find particularly remarkable. Studies have shown that a positive mental outlook benefits, health, longevity and quality of life. Ken Budd, Executive Director of AARP The Magazine, states the case very simply. "If you believe that life is good, don't you want to experience it? It's clear [to me] that the people who thrive in their later years are the ones who view each day as an opportunity -- to learn, to grow, to savor life." Ditto.

Evidence to the contrary is everywhere. Hospice organizations frequently diagnose patients with the label "Failure to Thrive." Wikipedia defines that diagnosis as a non-specific term that essentially means "not doing well." Thank you doctor for that clarification. 'Mrs.Jones, it seems that your father has a severe case of not-doing-well.' Forgive the humorous slant.

Proverbs 23:7

"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."

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