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Travel Tips for Seniors​

Summer time means vacation time! Take the car, ride a plane, sail in a ship, however you decide to travel there is always a checklist of things to do to prepare for a trip, especially for traveling seniors. If you or an aging loved one ​decide to travel there are many different precautions to consider from medication reminders to travel insurance. Wherever you decide to go, enjoy your time and most importantly stay safe! When you plan for your next trip take the following list of travel tips into consideration.​​​

1. Deciding time of travel.

Be mindful of your destinations weather and its tourist busy season. You will want to avoid having to stand in big crowds in hot weather.

Pro-Travel Tip: Big Crowds? Take a bus tour, it will provide the major highlights and you can avoid standing in big crowds.

2. Check for accommodations.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, that make it difficult to travel, check to see if your transportation or lodging services can help cater to those needs.

Pro-Travel Tip: Stairs an issue? Request a room on the ground floor for easier access.

3. Senior Discounts.

Not all locations/services have senior discounts, but it doesn’t hurt to ask so you will always get the best deal.

4. Pack an extra pair of glasses!

5. Medication & Travel Insurance.

For safety precautions taking a full supply of medication and signing up for travel insurance is useful in case of emergencies. For example, if you were to take a fall and needed medical ​attention. Or if you needed more medication or misplaced your pills you will always have a backup supply.

6. Pack light.

Packing light always makes transportation easier, avoid heavy lifting whenever possible. Also (kind of a no-brainer) always use luggage that has wheels for ease and comfort.

Pro-Travel Tip: Flying? Checking-in your luggage will send it to your final destination. This will help you avoid carrying your luggage in and out of the plane and makes things less complicated for connecting flights.

7. Take a notepad.

Carry a small notepad w​ith you to help you remember important information.

That is our short​ list of travel tips for seniors. Wherever you decide to go enjoy your time and most importantly stay safe on your next trip!


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