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Additional Resources

 Additional information and support for the conditions that may be affecting your senior loved one.

Sleep Apnea Triggers Changes That Can Kill, Research Suggests

Sleep apnea is a potentially dangerous condition that can rob seniors of their health and even their lives. Home care assistance at night can help give older adults and their family caregivers peace of mind.

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Controlling Weight Key to Avoiding Diabetes

Diabetes is a common chronic condition of aging, which can lead to many problems for older adults such as eyesight damage. Exercise and a healthy diet are among the best ways to prevent this disease. At-home help also can provide seniors who are trying to stay healthy added support.

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Hospital Could Make a Difference for Senior Loved One

If an older loved one is going into the hospital, it pays to help them do their homework. Research has shown that not all hospitals are equal. Seniors also may need extra assistance if they’ve had a recent hospital stay. That’s when professional caregiving can help.

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Aspirin Use for Older Adults Should be Doctor-Directed

Aspirin has been touted as a miracle drug of sorts, being attributed by medical professionals as a preventative for heart attacks and strokes. But it’s not for everyone. Make sure that a senior loved one has a doctor’s blessing before taking a daily dose of aspirin.

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Gambling Can Lead Distraught Seniors to Suicide

Seniors who are bored or lonely may be more vulnerable to addictive behaviors. If you think that a loved one is getting off the track of a healthy lifestyle, encourage professional help and support.

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Seven Conditions That Can be Managed Without Drugs

Older adults should guard against over-medication and talk with their doctor about the best ways to manage their health.  Companionship is one.

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Study Shows Diabetes Increases Depression

Diabetes is one condition of aging that can leave seniors vulnerable to a number of side effects. Depression is one of those. Additional companionship may help older adults who are facing the challenges of this disease.

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Centenarians Pass Along Good Genes to Descendants, Study Shows

The study of centenarians and what their health histories can mean to their descendants is a fascinating one. One way to stay young longer is to volunteer. If you’re hoping to hit that 100-year mark, you might also consider a part-time caregiving career.

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Hospital Can Make a Difference for Senior Loved One

Family caregivers whose seniors are going into the hospital should do their research to ensure a senior loved one is getting the best possible care. Help at home after an older adult returns from the hospital should be a consideration as well.

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Eye Issues Can Compromise Senior Safety

As seniors age, eye diseases can begin to take a toll on their vision and even impact their safety. Regular eye exams are important as can be support from family or professional caregivers.

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Studies Point to Factors That May Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

Practicing healthy habits is one way to prevent diseases that become more prevalent with aging. A little information as well as the support of a family or professional caregiver can go a long way toward keeping older adults healthy.
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Aerobics and Weights Good for Seniors with Diabetes

Exercise can do so much in helping seniors manage health conditions such as diabetes. One study reveals the rewards of aerobic and weight resistance. And don’t discount the benefits of companionship in motivating older adults.

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Staph Infections Four Times Greater for Seniors

Health risks such as staph infections can take a toll on seniors. Older adults who practice good hygiene and get the help they need around the house have a better chance of staying healthy.

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Diabetics Can Enjoy the Holidays with Advance Planning

Health issues can sometimes keep seniors from enjoying special occasions such as holidays like they once did. Family caregivers should try to adapt holidays for older adults whose needs are changing.

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Senior Rehabilitating from Stroke Can Recover at Home with Help

A health episode such as a stroke often meant that a senior had to leave his or her home for a facility. While the severity of many issues still require the assistance of a rehab facility, many seniors – under the supervision of their doctors and with the assistance of a home helper – do well at home.
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Many Factors Can Lead to Falls

Each year, 85 percent of all injury-related hospital admissions and more than 40 percent of nursing home admissions are related to falls, and the annual costs associated with falls and their complications are estimated to be in the billions of dollars worldwide. Balance issues that lead to falls can result from a variety of problems from genetics and illnesses to medication mismanagement and reactions.
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Research: Red Wine Can Suppress Abnormal Cell Formation

Aging is often considered a time of loss as seniors must give up some of what they may have enjoyed in their younger years. Wine may be one of those habits that to have gone by the wayside. But research has revealed that seniors don’t need to give everything up. Some things, in moderation, can actually be a benefit.

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Hip Surgery, Companionship, Help Seniors Do More

Older adults may become discouraged when their bodies begin to wear out. Family caregivers, too, could feel the effects of these ailments as more of the care begins to fall on them. Family caregivers can encourage their loved ones to seek help and support from pain, no matter what their age.

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'Tis the Season for Seniors to be Sneezin'

Many common ailments afflict adults into their senior years, making them miserable and leaving their family caregivers at a loss to help. Assistance from medical professionals and support from non-medical caregiving professionals can provide a boost to family caregivers and relief to seniors.

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Resources of Interest

These resources are but a few of the many available to help you meet your senior care needs.
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