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Staying Warm At Home

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To learn more about insulating your senior's home click here.

Many of our clients keep their thermostats at levels higher than 72 degrees.  Even in the summertime, we sometimes get reports from our workers that clients want their heat turned on.

Our metabolisms change as we age.  It is common for seniors to have poorer blood circulation to the extremities, lose muscle mass (which burn more calories than fat), or to be taking medications which thin the blood. These are all factors which can contribute to an elderly individual always feeling cold.

Also, quite commonly, the elderly individuals we help are living in homes which were built 3 or more decades ago, without the insulation commonly used in modern construction.

Only 20% of homes built prior to 1980 have proper insulation, and if your home was built before the mid 1970's it may have no insulation at all. Whole house insulation is the most important component in creating an energy efficient home.

Maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature will improve senior's lifestyle and ability to stay in their home while at the same time, saving them money on their heating and cooling bills.

 "Homes built in the first half of the last century can use about 50% more energy than homes that are built today. The simple act of retrofitting these buildings to make them more energy efficient is on the of fastest, easiest and cheapest things we can do to put Americans back at work while saving money and reducing harmful emissions.  Insulation is sexy stuff.  Here is what is sexy about it- saving money!"                           

- President Obama- December 15, 2009


USA Insulation, a community partner of ours, specializes in retrofitting older homes with their patented USA Premium Foam.  Injected into the exterior walls from the outside, installation is completed in one day with absolutely no cosmetic changes to the home.  We specialize in insulating older brick, stucco, aluminum and vinyl sided homes.  Senior citizens qualify for a $300 discount off a whole-house insulation project and may qualify for additional rebates from their local gas companies and the Federal Stimulus Plan.

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